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Blocks are the basis of all of Starship EVO. They are used to construct the hull of a ship or station, generate power, move entities, travel across the universe, and fling balls of damage at significant fractions of the speed of light toward people or things you don't want around anymore. Comes in three sizes - Extra Large Blocks (16x16), Large Blocks (4x4), and Small Blocks (aka Bricks) (1x1).

System Blocks[edit | edit source]

The System Blocks shown in the codex

System Blocks allow ships and stations, basically, to work. They include:

  • The Base Block, which starts a ship, provides an origin for it's blueprint, and allows you to access its stats
  • Power Generators, which generate power for a ship
  • Shield Generators, which produce shield juice for ship shields
  • Capacitors, which store energy and shield juice (depending on where they're placed) for later
  • Thrusters, which enable a ship to both accelerate forward, and maneuver axially & laterally
    • Large Thrusters also enable a ship to reach Liminal Speed
    • Hovercraft Thrusters provide a great amount of thrust and maneuverability when close to the ground
  • Cameras, which are useful in things like remote turrets and security systems
  • Teleport Stations, which players can use to travel long distances quickly
  • Mag-Locks, which can be used basically like a tractor beam to tug entities around
  • The Shipyard Block, which creates a volume for AI ships to land in, like a hangar or landing pad
  • Station Connectors, which connect station modules together, hopefully in the future enabling procedural stations
  • The Medbay, which sets a player's respawn point

Weapon Blocks[edit | edit source]

The Weapon Blocks displayed in the Codex

Weapon Blocks are used in the construction of the core weapon systems of turrets and spinal cannons. They include:

And are used alongside a variety of Attachments to augment their function to fulfill a variety of roles and increase their efficiency, which include:

  • Range Barrels, which increase velocity and reduce spread at a moderate increase to fire rate
  • Cooling Barrels, which reduce the heat produced per shot, allowing larger weapons to be used on smaller ships or handguns
  • Recoil Barrels, which greatly increase damage and reduce spread at an equally significant increase to fire rate
  • Gatling Barrels, which greatly increase fire rate and DPS, with a moderate reduction to per shot damage and a significant increase to spread
  • Charge Addons, which greatly increase per shot heat and hull damage with an equally high reduction in fire rate
  • Overheat Addons, which greatly increase heat damage and shield damage at the cost of increased heat per shot fired
  • Damage Addons, which greatly increase hull damage at the cost of increased heat per shot fired

Hull Blocks[edit | edit source]

The Hull Blocks Pictured in the Codex

Hull Blocks are used to construct the hull of larger ships. They absorb heat, provide armor & health to the ship, and look real cool doing it.

Mechanism Blocks[edit | edit source]

The Mechanism Blocks shown in the Codex

Mechanism blocks are used to assemble mechanisms to move child entities on a parent. They include:

  • Sliders (and their extenders), which move the entity on top along itself, like a rail
  • Rotors/Rotators, which rotate the attached child entity on top along the center axis of the rotor
  • Hinges, which act similar to a rotor, but the rotation point is horizontal through the block. Useful for doors and such
  • Pistons, which act similar to a slider, and are more compact, but cannot extend as far. Allegedly more powerful

Logic Blocks[edit | edit source]

The Logic Blocks displayed in the Codex

An integral part of the game that allows the control of all the ship systems & mechanisms here on this page. They include:

  • Ship Cores, which form the basis of control for anything that moves, and determines how it is controlled by the yoke & keyboard
  • The Yoke, which allows a player to control a ship through a ship core directly, using their keyboard and mouse
  • Logic Gates, which enable a player to build complex data processors to do anything from open a door to deploy custom shielded weapons
  • Buttons and Switches, which enable a player to easily activate systems and interact with logic circuits to control anything on a ship
  • Control Panel Accessories, which just make a control panel using buttons, switches, and screens look real nice. purely decorative
  • Data Screens, which can display data from systems or premade text
  • Sensors, which can detect the presence of other entities and relay that information to logic circuits and such. Currently only the laser sensor and volumetric sensor.

Interior Blocks[edit | edit source]

The Interior Blocks shown in the Codex

Functional Blocks used to create an interior friendly to humanoid creatures. Includes:

  • Chair Blocks, which players can sit on. Used for cockpits, couches, chairs, or just decoration
  • Lights, which produce, well, light. Can be controlled by logic and colored
  • The Coffee Mug, arguably the most important block in the game. No spaceship is complete without it. Literally. A spaceship is legitimately not considered a spaceship by the game engine unless one of these is placed on it. Allegedly leftovers of a bug from when the game was first made.[1]
  • Doors, scalable blocks able to make clean, easy to use sliding doors that are very friendly to performance. Will be the only door AI can pass through.
  • Railing, which looks nice and prevents players from falling off ledges. AI may need these for smooth navigation as well.
  • Ladders and Handles, which, when walked close to, allow the player to traverse against (or in the absence of) gravity without the use of a jetpack. Great decor.

Construction Blocks[edit | edit source]

The Decorative Blocks and Bricks in the Codex

A variety of full sized blocks, bricks, and really big blocks for decoration and construction of ships and stations. Purely decorative, although they still retain the same properties as their block/brick counterparts, so the only downside comes from not using them. They look real sick.[1]

The "construction" blocks contain bricks and brick displacement bricks for constructing with bricks. Also has grates, curved blocks, wood flooring, and trusses

The "window and canopy" blocks are used for making windows in ships, clear decorations, canopies, and cockpit windows.

The "pipe" blocks are brick and block sized pipe looking things that are colorable and scalable. Great for pretty much anything you could imagine.

The "flora" blocks are well, plants. They can be placed anywhere, and are great decoration in fancy ship and station living areas. Might need pots or soil sometime in the future.

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