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Most voxel based games have one size of block, and they call it a block. Skywanderers has these blocks just like any other game, but in order to increase it's maximum creativity potential, the devs took it one step further and created the small brick system. Basically, they're smaller blocks that work just the same, and allow you to create more detail in smaller areas, turrets, doors, cockpits, chairs, and pretty much everything else.

Bricks are critical in the creation of weapon systems, cockpits, control stations, doors, and many other things, as not only are they smaller, but a majority of the small components in these systems are placed on bricks.

Construction Bricks[edit | edit source]

These bricks are just there. They serve no purpose other than just being a brick, holding stuff together, and looking fabulous.

Most of them are, or will be, free-form

These static bricks are completely normal
These are the tube bricks