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Starship EVO provides a vast procedurally generated galaxy for players to explore. It is very similar to real galaxies, containing billions of stars, many of which having planets around them.

Contents[edit | edit source]

The Starship EVO galaxy naturally contains stars, planets, asteroids, and nebulae. In the future, planets will likely gain satellites (moons). Galactic hazards (like black holes, space worms, and other sci-fi big bois) may be added to interstellar space, although it is unconfirmed whether or not you will be able to travel there.

Recently, the ring habitats have been re-added into the game. These rings were originally just used for testing planet tech, but it seems that now they're here to stay. They're similar to the halo rings from halo, and will likely act as basically a "space-city," or entire colony.

Travel[edit | edit source]

limitations[edit | edit source]

Currently you can travel anywhere in the galaxy with a ship of any size, as long as you have a hyper-drive. The amount of time hyperspace travel takes only depends on how long it takes your computer to load the target system. This will change in the future.

In the future,

It Will:

  • Take longer to go farther

It May:

  • Be limited in distance/require a more powerful hyperdrive to go farther
  • Be restricted to "Hyperspace Lanes", like star wars
  • Take a while to calculate a route before the drive activates / require a hyperdrive computer (Currently very quick/instant activation)